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Thursday, October 5

The Nuts and Bolts of a SOAH-Contested Case Hearing (including Virtual Hearings) (.5 hr)
Stefanie Albright, Bickerstaff Heath Delgado Acosta LLP

Employer Drug Testing (.5 hr)
Laura Mueller, City of Dripping Springs
Drug Testing Paper 2023

Training Staff to Deal with Uncivil People in a Civil Manner (.5 hr)
Ron Stutes, Wilson, Robertson & Cornelius

Procurement Disputes: Preventing, Managing, and Litigating (.5 hr)
Sandy Hellums-Gomez and Ben Stephens, Husch Blackwell

AIE, AIE, AIE, and AI : Special Issues Posed by Artificial Intelligence for Employers and Attorneys (.5 hr) (0.25 ethics hours)
Sarah Glaser, Lloyd, Goselink, Rochelle & Townsend
October 2023 TCAA Paper – AI – Sarah Glaser

Preparing for Mass Gatherings: The City of Fredericksburg and the Total Eclipse (.5 hr)
Mick McKamie, Taylor, Olson, Akdins & Sralla

Business Meeting: Election of TCAA Officers and Passing of the Gavel and
Vote on Constitutional Amendments
TCAA Constitution Amendments Final Clean
TCAA Constitution Amendments Final Redline

Think It Over: Dealing with Fiber Companies that Want to Use Your City’s Right-of-Way (.5 hr)
David Johnson, City of Arlington

Recent Federal Cases of Interest to Cities (.5 hr)
Randy Montgomery, D. Randall Montgomery & Associates, PLLC

What Next? Post-Legislative Session Updates (.75 hr)
Snapper Carr, Focused Advocacy, Terry Welch, Brown & Hoffmeister, L.L.P., and Collyn Peddie, City
of Houston (.75 hr)
Presentation by Collyn Peddie
2023 07 03 Final Petition
Final Judgment (HB2127)

Presentation by Terry Welch
Prof Neighbors Fighting STRs A Proposal TCAA 9-18-23

Ethics: Protecting the Attorney Client Privilege with In-House counsel (.75 hr ethics)
Slater Elza, Underwood Law Firm, P.C.
Maintaining the Attorney Client Privilege as in House Counsel