About TCAA

The Texas City Attorneys Association was organized in 1928 as an affiliate to the Texas Municipal League to promote, encourage, and advance the professional development of municipal attorneys throughout the State of Texas. TCAA is an affiliate organization of the Texas Municipal League (TML), which represents some 98 percent of the Texas urban population through its over 1,100 member cities. TCAA currently has a membership of over 400 attorneys and continues to meet the needs, concerns, and problems of its members in a variety of ways:

  • Continuing Legal Education: Education is the main function of TCAA, which currently hosts three continuing legal education events – a summer conference, a fall conference in conjunction with the Texas Municipal League Annual Conference, and the Riley Fletcher Basic Municipal Law Seminar in February. In addition, TCAA now offers online continuing legal education programs.
  • LisTCAA Listserv: TCAA hosts an online listserv, which allows members to ask questions and share information.
  • Newsletter: TCAA currently publishes a monthly e-newsletter with various items of interest to city attorneys, including appellate case summaries, amicus brief update, attorney general opinion update, and various other items.
  • Municipal Certification: The municipal certification program recognizes attorneys who demonstrate advanced knowledge and experience in municipal law. The program includes separate certifications for municipal prosecutors, municipal civil law attorneys, and office certifications.
  • Galen Sparks Award for Outstanding Public Service by an Assistant City Attorney: The Galen Sparks Award is given annually to an outstanding assistant city attorney from the eight largest cities at the Summer Conference.
  • Susan Rocha Award for Outstanding Public Service by an Assistant City Attorney: The Susan Rocha Award is given annually to an outstanding assistant city attorney from the remaining cities at the Summer Conference.
  • Internet Website: TCAA’s website links through to the legal page of the TML website to provide a clearinghouse for information relevant to the practice of municipal law.
  • Discounted TML Publications: TCAA membership provides each member with an opportunity to receive, at significantly reduced prices, one subscription to the Texas Municipal League’s monthly magazine Texas Town & City and/or one annual TML Directory of City Officials.
  • Professional Development: Through its activities and services, TCAA officers and staff encourage and help all members to enhance, expand, and cultivate their professional abilities.
  • Free Small City Limited IMLA Membership: Through a partnership with the International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) that is designed to benefit TCAA members who represent cities below 2,500 in population, TCAA will pay for those cities under 2,500 in population to be limited members of IMLA. The limited IMLA membership includes: (1) a subscription to IMLA’s outstanding Municipal Lawyer magazine; (2) a subscription to IML@ NEWS (IMLA’s informative e-newsletter); and (3) discounted registration for all IMLA conferences and seminars.